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I have copy-pasted all this interesting information from a thread created by students during a coursera course about guitar basics . Thought this site is mostly in Spanish, I have kept the original wording in English, or in Spansih upon the original post. This links is not accesible in the main loop of the blog. If anytime you forget the link, you can still search for «guitar» and this will lead you to «guitar-basics» cathegory. Any additional link will be welcomed and added to the article. Thank you in advance. Por privacy reasons, I have deleted any personal reference. If you find an error, please do not hesitate to contact me.

He copiado y pegado toda esta información de uno de los hilos del foro de estudiantes del curso de coursera sobre guitarra básica. Aunque este blog es principalmente en español, he preferido utilizar el texto original independientemente del idioma en que fue escrito. Este enlace no es accesible desde la página principal del blog. Si alguna vez buscas este artículo dentro del mismo, busca «guitar» y eso te llevará a la categoría que incluye el artículo. Cualquier enlace adicional será bienvenido y añadido al artículo. Gracias de antemano. Por razones de datos personales he borrado cualquier referencia personal. Si encuentras algún error no dudes en contactar conmigo.

  • If, for example, we choose «Every Breath You Take» from The Police (, it can be interesting you start in C and then try it starting in G. Passing the mouse over the chords they show you the fingers position.
  • has an amazing collection of information and free video lessons. Covers a wide range of skill levels and genres, so there is something for everyone. I have been working through the beginners lessons and am learning a lot.

  • I think is a really great website with 1000’s of tabs for free, and it has lots of features as muting instruments, a count-in. But some things as adjusting speed, metronome, loop, solo etc. you have to pay for, $9.90 a month, which personally I think is a great price

  • Hi, is good too. You can put all your favourite songs into one songbook and store it on that site so you can let others access it for playing together.

  • This is a video lesson site with feedback from other users its really good.

  • I know one site, but it’s in Spanish. If someone can understand it 🙂

    It has a begginers course, fingerpicking and tabs tutorials

  • Grupo de facebook en español

  • La página que recomiendo para tocar guitarra es:

    Saludos a todos.

  • is a great site, focussed on learning for the beginner. The year of rock course is 40 weeks long now…

  • I saw the other day and I think it’s a really neat approach to guitar tabs.

  • There’s also simple enough 😉

  • I have enjoyed visiting, includying their blog with enterntaining articles as «10 Effective Ways to Memorize Song Lyrics Much Faster».

  • Another interesting stuff is the Coursera Companion for android. I am using it for accessing the course directly from my mobile phone whether online or offline. You can download it for free here:

    It is unofficial app, but I am trying it and works great.

  • This one has good picking patterns and easy songs.

  • This one seems to be launching soon. Looks quite cool

  • e-chordsis always a good one. Used it for about 5 years now, always reliable.
  • Music from Thaddeus Hogarth
  • Quiero dejaros un enlace que creo que os puede servir, ya que se trata de una distribución de linux especialmente orientada para amantes de la música. Incluye el software necesario para producir y mezclar. Esta orientado al público que quiera iniciarse en el mundo de la música sin tener que gastar un céntimo (en mi caso, de euro) / Linux distribution for guitar lovers.  El enlace es:
  • Infinidad de canciones en tablatura para la guitarra:
  • Includes video tutorials.
  • It’s a search engine. You can search for an specific music, or band/artist, and this site brings a list containing results of several music tab sites. It’s useful, ‘cause sometimes, the sites that you are used to search for music tabs/chords, can have a wrong tab, or simple cannot have the song that you are looking for. The ‘»911Tabs» site helps me find the best tabs for the music’s that I’m trying to learn.
  • if you are interested, learn more about the music theory and apply it in guitar.
    It could be applied to all the musical instruments.
    Construct chords, exercises for recognizing of notes by hearing and a lot more… check it out:)
  • You can also use Just sign up for an account, paste in a youtube link to a song you wanna play, and voila! There you go, you have your chords for Piano,Ukulele & Guitar.
  • Not guitar-specific, but there is a Coursera course, «Fundamentals of Music Theory,» starting July 2014.



Any new idea will be welcomed / Cualquier añadido será bienvenido. Regards / Saludos

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